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These Are The People In Your Neighborhood: Jason Killinger

August 20, 2013

If Hog Island Press had to sit down and draw up a short list of its favorite Philadelphia Artists/Musicians/Harbingers of Human Harmony/Flip-Flop Wearers, few – if any – names would rank above Jason Killinger. You may know him from his bands Birds of Maya and Spacin’, you may know him as the accomplished visual artist that he is, or you may just know him as the Director of the Killinger Community Center. Regardless, one thing is likely: if you know this guy, you probably love him. We caught up with Jason for a Q & A after returning from a Spacin’ Summer Tour in Europe…

Hog Island Press, Jason Killinger

Who are you?
My name is Jason Killinger. I’m a Philadelphia artist, designer & musician. Unless you mean ‘Who are you?’ on a deeper level, then I suppose I am the universe expressing itself as specific point of consciousness or something like that.

What’s your number one Philly sandwich?
Johnny Brenda’s Burger. I think it might be coated in butter. You’re going to need to drink a couple Kenzinger’s to clear out your arteries.

What’s your favorite thing/place to eat in Philly, non-sandwich?
I don’t really eat out too much. My favorite thing to eat is either my wife’s baked macaroni and cheese or her spinach, walnut, apple, goat cheese salad. You can’t go buy it but you can email me for her recipe or a dinner invite.

Care to share a local hidden gem?
Fleisher-Ollman Gallery during a weekday afternoon. They show really interesting art and usually you have it all to yourself at that time.

Describe your perfect day in Philadelphia.
Wake up to birds singing, Walk around East Kensington. Maybe go to a coffee shop. Pack a lunch and go for a hike out by the Wissahickon or throw a frisbee at Penn Treaty park. Walk to the Philadelphia Record Exchange. Then have friends over to play music or listen to records.

What’s the first thing you’d do if you were mayor of this town?
Convert vacant land in North Philadelphia into citizen owned and operated agriculture. Train out of work Philadelphians in Permaculture.

What’s your all-time favorite Philly artist?
The legendary Jack Rose!

What are some of the most memorable shows you’ve played in Philly?
Birds of Maya at Kensington Picnic and Pi Lam Human BBQ are two that come to mind – and they are the A and B sides of the new Birds of Maya record. The last Spacin’ show at Little Berlin was a good one. There was an indoor mud pit next to where we played and you could paint with mud on the walls. I wish that was an option at all shows. I suppose it is.

Who’s your all-time favorite Phillies personality?

Got a favorite HIP design?
I dig the LA & Franzke shirts. Those guys are righteous and deserve their own shirts. The new Save PA’s Forests shirt is great. Seriously, save PA forests. The Pennsylvania ‘COMMON-wealth’ is being rapidly converted into ‘PRIVATE-wealth’ thanks to the gas industry puppets who are running our state. Also, We Are Eno… of course.


Thanks Jason! Full-disclosure, we have been known to collaborate with Mr. Killinger a bit in the past, most notably on the We Are Eno shirt and with Eyes Habit. Needless to say we are quite fond of the dude. But hey, do yourself a favor and keep an eye out for the next time Spacin’ or Birds of Maya are playing live. Both bands are well-worth your time, and will most likely propel your evening (life?) in most righteous trajectory. Until next time…

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