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These Are The People In Your Neighborhood: Anthony D’Angelo

August 8, 2013

By now you may have noticed that Hog Island Press loves many things about South Philly. As far as we’re concerned the neighborhood vibe alone ranks tops in the city. But we’re especially enamored with the local food scene, as the restaurants and culinary shops here seem to embrace a pride and dedication to their craft that can often be hard to find. No place in the neighborhood sums this approach up more comprehensively than Ippolito’s Seafood – without question the best seafood shop in this (or any other) neighborhood. This year the 5th generation South Philly institution celebrated their 84th year as a fresh seafood market (the oldest in Philly), and they are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Hog Island Press recently had the opportunity to get to know owner Anthony D’Angelo a little better, and it’s clear that this man knows his fish… and his Philadelphia.

Hog Island Press, Anthony D'Angelo

Who are you?
Anthony D’Angelo. Husband and father of 3. Oldest sibling of 4. Born and raised fish monger. Owner of Ippolito’s Seafood, gastronome, opinionated libertarian, podcast junkie. Former fat guy turned health nut. MMA enthusiast.

What’s your favorite Philly sandwich?
I am gluten-free these days but if I had to pick one, it would definitely be John’s Roast Pork from Front and Snyder. It is my all time fav. I also struggle resisting the Ahi Tuna Cheesesteak from my shop.

Got a favorite Philly hidden culinary gem?
I’m not sure if this is “hidden”, but going to Zama is a sushi experience I can’t go without. Being a fish lover, I have to stop in there from time to time to have sushi and see what new things he is doing with the fish. If you haven’t been there and you like sushi, go.

Describe your perfect day in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia is a great city, so doing something like Paine’s Park in the morning with my wife and children and then stopping at Reading Terminal Market for lunch. The sights, the smells, sharing food – it’s  a perfect way to spend the afternoon. Then I stop and grab lamb for dinner at Border Springs. Get a Muay Thai workout in, and then head home for a surf and turf bbq with some Maine Lobster from the shop. Chill with some friends… and that’s a perfect day.

Who were a few of the most memorable Philly personalities from your childhood?
John DeBella on WMMR going against Howard Stern on the radio. I have an appreciation for talk radio from this and even started hosting my own weekly podcast, Potentbrew on iTunes. And Bill Cosby, I love his candidness and how pro-Philly he is. He doesn’t hold any punches and never got too “Hollywood”.

What’s your favorite Philadelphia fish tradition?
CHRISTMAS EVE! Working with the family and we work pretty damn hard. Then we head over to my mom’s where the spread is just out of control (13 different fish). No matter how tired we all are, we sit around the table, share stories of the week and Christmas Eve day. We laugh, reflect and eat… followed by a long sleep. It’s a pretty cool night!

Can you share some of your preferred regional seafoods?
From this region: Fluke, Black Bass, Scallops and Cape May Salts… all from NJ. Also I’m digging the Pennsylvania trout from Lebanon, PA.  If we are talking other regions, it is Sweet Maine Shrimp season, which is typically in the beginning of the year.

You can take 3 Philly (related) albums on a roadtrip. What are they?
1. Do You Want More?!!!??! by The Roots.

2. Arise by Southwork (local band, kind of psychedelic rock with horns).

3. Frankie Valli is a must for a long trip.

What’s your all-time fondest Philly sports memory?
The 2001 Sixers Eastern Conference Finals Win. I was in my early 20s and really lived the whole experience. I was at Game 7 when they went to the finals. Great time up Broad Street partying. My sporting interests have only decreased since, unfortunately.

What’s your favorite HIP design?
It is so funny you should say that… as I am typing this I am wearing the 80/08 shirt… dig it!


And we dig Ippolito’s. Lookin’ sharp rocking that brand new East Passyunk Love shirt (and Spanish Bonita), too! And we’re serious as salt cod when we say Ippolito’s is the best seafood retailer in Philly – there’s simply no other place in this town where one can find this kind of selection and quality. They also roll their own sushi in addition to making some pretty great meals to go… and the neighborhood charm is always on the house.  Stop in and taste it for yourself, 1300 Dickinson Street. God bless South Philly.

These Are The People In Your Neighborhood: Chef Elijah Milligan

July 25, 2013

We here at Hog Island Press love Philly food, and Chef Elijah Milligan knows more about it than most. He grew up cooking in his family’s Olney restaurant, later graduating to the powerhouse kitchens of Le Bec Fin, Vernick Food & Drink, and Bar Ferdinand. Last year he brought his talents to South Philly, taking over as Executive Chef at the crown jewel of local food scene (and Philadelphia Magazine’s top city pick in 2012) Stateside. Take it away Chef…

Hog Island Press, Elijah Milligan

Who are you?
Elijah Milligan, Executive Chef at Stateside


What’s your favorite Philly sandwich?
The Megilla Sandwich from Jakes Sandwich Board


Got a favorite Philly hidden culinary gem?
Bonner’s Irish Pub – $8 pitchers and cool bartenders.

Who’s your current favorite chef in the city?
Myself, of course. Second favorite would be Nicholas Elmi.

Describe your perfect day in Philadelphia.
Picking a random “foodie friendly neighborhood” and randomly choosing places to eat and drink, until I can’t eat or drink anymore.

What’s your go-to dish to cook at home?
I could sit at home and eat pounds of pasta. The style and ingredients change often, but you could never go wrong with a great pasta.

What are some of your favorite local ingredients to work with?
Im a sucker for cooking with good local beers. Flying Fish is my favorite.

You can take 3 Philly (related) albums on a roadtrip. What are they?

1. Musiq Soulchild – OnMyRadio

2. Beanie Sigel – The Truth

3. John Legend & The Roots – Wake Up!

Who’s your favorite Philly sports personality?
Current Eagles running back, LeSean McCoy.

What’s your favorite HIP design?
Our awesome Stateside t-shirts and Salumidelphia.


Thanks Chef! We’ll be over for the Hamachi Crudo and Bourbon Glazed Pork Belly ASAP. And speaking of Bourbon, do get to know the bar at Stateside in addition to the amazing food menu. They make some of the best cocktails in town, and incidentally a few of them have been known to incorporate Hog Island Press favorite Buster’s Bitter’s. See yous at Stateside!

These Are The People In Your Neighborhood: Dean Ween

June 28, 2013

Hog Island Press loves Ween. We still remember that Summer night in ’93 when we let Nichole with an ‘H’ borrow our copy of Pure Guava, never to see it again. Lesson(s) learned. Fast forward two decades and New Hope native Dean Ween – aka Captain Mickey Melchiondo – has covered quite a bit of ground. In addition to the huge body of work he’s done with Ween, Melchiondo has heartily contributed to a slew of other awesome projects: Desert Sessions, Queens of the Stone Age, South Park, Sponge Bob, Pigface, Moistboyz, etc. In 2009 he received his captain’s license, and now regularly leads highly acclaimed fishing trips on the Delaware River and off the Jersey shore as Mickey’s Guide Service. It’s likely that Mickey is the most interesting dude in the Delaware Valley, though there is one thing that he has never done in his illustrious career: a Q & A with Hog Island Press. Until now that is… take it away Deaner!

Hog Island Press, Mickey Melchiondo, Dean Ween

Who are you?
I am Mickey Melchiondo, rock guitar player and fisherman from the band Ween.

Got a favorite Philly sandwich?
I would choose an italian roast pork sandwich just to avoid the obvious steak answer, but I like Steve’s Prince of Steaks – whiz, w/o – above all others.

Describe your perfect day in the Philly.
The Phillies topping off a collapse by the Mets on the last game of the regular season.

Who were a few of your favorite Philly personalities from your childhood?
The Boss’s wife from Atlantic Transmission commercials, “Don’t get frantic, call Atlantic” just because of her unapologetic Philly accent on Channel 17 growing up. I was gonna say Joe Carcione (the Green Grocer) but I’m not sure that he was actually from Philly, I heard his show was syndicated.

Better “Holy Sh*t We Just Won the World Series” reaction – Tug’s leap or Lidge’s exclamation to Valhalla from his knees?
Brad Lidge’s, because I got to experience it with my son, who could tell something very special was happening just by my reaction. Also, that game was delayed and then resumed on another day, and the anticipation was excruciating. Harry Kalas screaming “the Phillies are world champions of baseball!”

Who is your all-time favorite Phillies player?
I love Jimmy Rollins. The fans are going to really miss him someday. Just an incredibly gifted defensive shortstop and always my favorite Phillie. I met Bake McBride when I was a kid and he was incredibly nice to me and autographed a ball, I never forgot that.

You can take 3 and only 3 albums for a summer roadtrip, and they all have to be Philly-related. What are they?
1. Schooly D “Saturday Night/Parkside 5-2”

2. Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes Greatest Hits

3. Hall and Oates “Abandoned Luncheonette”

What’s the most fun you’ve ever had playing a venue in Greater Philadelphia?
A lot of great gigs at the Khyber Pass, the Trocadero, and Penn’s Landing, which is one of my favorite outdoor venues in the world.

What’s your favorite Hog Island Press design?
Parlez Vous Franzke?


So, so awesome. And should you ever get the urge to take a four star chartered fishing trip with a rock star this Summer, don’t get frantic – call Captain Mickey. Here’s one for the road from your pals at Hog Island Press – exactly where we’re all at. Rock on.

These Are The People In Your Neighborhood: Andy P

June 23, 2013

There’s a few sure things that we at Hog Island Press know about Philadelphia: the fact that a good roast pork with sharp provolone is gonna be better than a cheesesteak 7 days a week, the reality that anytime you’re in a hurry there’s gonna be a traffic jam on the Schuylkill, the verifiable truth that Franzke & LA can make even a blowout loss the best thing on the radio any given night. One other insider fact that we embrace around here is a certainty that anytime you’re at a rock show and see Andy P across the room you can rest assured that you’re in the right place. You see, Andy P was put on this planet to share 2 things – good tunes and good vibes – and both have always come in abundant servings. And now you can get to know his taste and grace from anywhere, as his record label Nod & Smile Records will ship tunes to your corner of the world. Take it away Andy…

Hog Island Press, Andy P, Nod & Smile Records

Who are you?
Andy P and I run Nod and Smile Records. So far we have released records by Acid Mothers Temple, The Photon Band, Aleister X, Numinous Eye with more coming from We Have Heaven, 20 Guilders, Suzuki Junzo and a retrospective of Philly burnouts/literary types Kitschchao…

What’s your favorite Philly sandwich?
The Smoked Coconut Club at Memphis Taproom.

What’s your favorite thing/place to eat in Philly, non-sandwich?
Tattooed Mom’s corn dog, preferably while the long version of Curtis Mayfield’s “(Don’t Worry) If There’s A Hell Below We’re All Gonna Go” blares and babies and dogs mosh it up.

What’s your favorite local hidden gem?
Any and all handicapped parking spaces, and the Virginville Film Fest has been one of the highlights of my summer for the last 7 years or so.

Describe your perfect day in Philadelphia.
No traffic, no parking hassles and lots of records, beer and shit talking, including a Cosmic Commander sighting, of course!

What’s the single best concert you’ve seen in Philly?
Acid Mothers Temple, April 1999 at the Khyber Pass Pub. Fun guys! First time I saw them and I haven’t missed a Philly show since. Their Spring tours are as much of an event as the Dead East Coast Spring jaunts of old(e).

What’s your all-time favorite Philly song?
“Hostile City USA” by the Philly version of Rancid Vat is the best song about Philadelphia ever.

You can take 3 Philadelphia (related) albums on a roadtrip. What are they?
Schooly D – Welcome to America I hated it when it first came out, but has grown to be one of my fave albums. The production is so dusted and weird, the raps so bleak, it totally sums up the early 90s Philly deal as I remember it.

Spacin’ – Deep Thuds I knew I would most likely dig this before I heard it, but was so blown away on first listen at the perfect mesh of jams and songs and grooves that I sat down. Maybe this sums up the 2010s Philly deal, but it sounds great in the burbs too!

Grateful Dead – Dicks Picks 36 (Spectrum 9/72) Insanely long show, tons of variety. I saw the Dead a bunch of times at the Spectrum 89-93 and almost always had a blast. In retrospect the band was kinda beat, but what else was I gonna do? Go see Love Seed Mama Jump? This 1972 show levels pretty much anything else I can think of. If only there was a Seastones break!

Who’s your all-time favorite Phillies personality?
Steve Carlton. I had a baseball signed by him when I was a kid. Love the tenacity of being the only star on the dismal ’72 Phils (27 wins, 72/27, yo!), plus the martial arts stuff, the post career survivalist eccentricities makes him really interesting, for good and bad. I would love to watch the Father Yod/Source documentary with him. Then again, Tug McGraw saw the Photon Band at the Fire, hard to top that.

What’s your favorite HIP design?
Don’t Worry Be Charlie, so many ways you can take it…


Thanks Andy! Be sure to get acquainted with the label, and if you’re in or near Philly come on out July 6 to Photon Band’s record release show at Johnny Brenda’s. Brother JT’s on the bill, along with Hog Island Press favorites JJL. See you there!

Hog Island Press, now with even more Cliff Lee

May 28, 2013


The best pitcher in the National League did the postgame after the best win of the season in Charlie Says Relax. Cliff ’em all…

Read about it on your source for the best Phillies coverage around,

LA, Franzke, Chooch, Hog Island Press, Radness

April 29, 2013

98 seconds with the best radio booth in baseball. Subjects covered include Chooch’s return, AC/DC, Panama, Hog Island Press. Amazing.

Welcome Back Chooch!

April 29, 2013

Welcome Back Chooch!

The Ace Receiver returns. Looking great in that Hog Island Press “Whole Lotta Trophy” t-shirt, too. So, so rad.